Friday, April 11, 2014

Bleach Bottle Bunnies

This is a craft project I do every couple of years with my students. The hardest part is collecting a bleach bottle for every child! This year I discovered other bottles that are similar in shape and that helped!

Directions for Bleach Bottle Bunnies:
1. Adult cuts an opening on the opposite side from the handle. (I also put tape around so there are no sharp plastic edges to hurt children.)
2. Students cover the entire bottle with cotton. It takes about one large bag of cotton for the gallon bleach bottles. I usually give them a bottle of glue with a paintbrush to apply it.
3. Students cut white felt and colored felt for ears. I drew free hand a simple pattern for them to trace.
4. Adult hot glues a Styrofoam shape on the neck of the bottle for the head. I like the egg shape but I've also used ball shaped when the craft store runs out of egg shapes!
5. Adult hot glues felt pieces together with a half of a chenille stick sandwiched in between.
6. Students stick the ears into the foam.
7. Students use glue dots to attach wiggle eyes.
8. Students use Sharpie markers, pom poms, and chenille sticks to complete facial features.
9. Adult hot glues a pom pom under bottle's handle for a bunny tail.
10. Students tie a ribbon around the neck.

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