Sunday, September 20, 2015

Christmas 2015 Picture My Life Album

Joyful Stars Team from left: Krista, Stephanie, me, Joyce (our CTMH mom!), and Jean

Close To My Heart corporate office held a training event "Making Connections" in Lancaster, PA this past Friday. Any time I get to spend with my CTMH family is uplifting and inspiring. We received many goodies to create fabulous projects.

 One of the items was the White Pines Picture My Life Cards. We were given additional materials to create an introduction page and sample album pages. What I love about these cards is they act as a countdown for Christmas with cards for December 1 - 25. The day after the event as I was putting away my supplies I saw a Ruby Album I had and thought it would be perfect for this album. In about 3 hours I had this album put together. Now I'm looking forward to documenting my December activities this year, since all I need to do is add pictures!

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