Tuesday, December 30, 2014

50th Anniversary Party for My Parents

On December 22, 2014 my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary! My niece and I collaborated on their party. We started a Pinterest board months ago and pulled inspiration from there.

For this event we wanted to give my mom the tiered wedding cake she never had! My niece's boyfriend's stepmom baked the cake. Then she and my niece decorated it. It was delicious!

For favors we decided to do a candy bar. Bags were at the table and guests were told to scoop up some golden treats. Each jar had a chalkboard labeled with the kind of candy that was in the jar.

We pinned a lot of ideas on centerpieces using mason jars, but due to time I ended up doing something simpler. I wrapped the jars in burlap ribbon then added a a smaller width of gold or white ribbon. I wrote a part of the Bible verses in I Corinthian 13 on each chalkboard shape and embellished with a paper flower and gem. On the opposite side is a wooden heart covered with a white, punched heart shape. Before I punched the paper I ran it through my printer. They have my parents' names and the dates 1964-2014. We chose real flowers over artificial so we purchased white roses, baby's breath, fern, and gold ting ting from a local florist.

The church hall had chandeliers and my niece made these pom pom shapes to hang on them.

On Pinterest I came across an idea to have the couple's wedding picture enlarged for an anniversary decoration. I improvised by getting my mom's wedding dress and my dad's Coast Guard uniform, that he wore for the ceremony. Then I cropped their faces and printed out an enlarged photo of that to add to their outfits. 

The photo display is from a pin I saw. I flipped through decades of photos looking for ones that had BOTH my mom and dad. Then I scanned them and converted them all to black and white. The banner was a last minute thing I was able to create. I purchased the burlap sheets for another project and ended up not needing them. Then I found out that you could use the sheets in your printer.

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  1. These are simply stunning pictures. I can imagine how much you enjoyed in your vow renewal. Next month, it’s our parent’s 35th anniversary and we all are thinking to give them a surprise party and looking for a venue accordingly.


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